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Historical view of Landau

Other Stober projects


The Quartier Chopin Landau was realized in 1998 by Michael Stober as the first conversion project in Rhineland-Palatinate.

In this case, conversion refers to the conversion process from military to civilian use. This possibility arose through the withdrawal of the French armed forces from the former garrison town of Landau in the Palatinate in the course of the worldwide military détente after the end of the Cold War and German reunification.

The relocation of more than 10% of the population created a huge challenge in terms of planning law, which the city of Landau mastered in an exemplary manner with a visionary head of the city building department, Heder, and the equally visionary mayor, Dr. Wolff, with the help of just as visionary builders, architects and investors.< br>
Evidence of this constructive meeting of official and private commitment is -among others- the Quartier Chopin, consisting of the former army bakery and the powder and provisions store, as well as other buildings.

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