Herzlich Willkommen

Supporting program

Climate positive meetings

Herzlich Willkommen

Supporting program

Climate positive meetings

Supporting programs for conferences

Excerpts from our supporting program

"Healthy and vital": lively conference breaks and active supporting programs for more WE feeling

Supplement your conference with exercise, vitality and relaxation. Whether as an active conference break with relaxation and active offers from mini yoga to running workshops or as an event highlight with individual content from a pleasure quiz to a festival of the senses.

Experience for yourself with your team that health and exercise can be a lot of fun without a lecturing finger and help to increase vitality and well-being.

Set new impulses together with us and inspire employees & management for a healthy life and more WE feeling.

Duration: from 1 hour / bookable from 15 participants / from 35.00 euros per person*

*plus a one-off organizational fee and logistics costs


"All in one boat":  dragon boat - sporting challenge on the Groß Behnitzer See

Team building and action - When it comes to dragon boating, everyone is not just literally in the same boat. Accompanied by an experienced helmsman, explore the Groß Behnitzer See or solve tasks on a scavenger hunt on the water. If you like it sportier, compete in fair competition against your competitors during a dragon boat race. The helmsman is on board the entire time and gives valuable tips on paddling technique and competition tactics. But in order to beat your opponent, the team spirit counts above all, because only those who paddle in the same beat win!

Duration: approx. 2-3 hours / bookable for 7 or more participants from April to September

from 49.50 euros per person


Archery - together we have our eyes on the target

Do you have a steady hand? Our exciting team event focuses not only on the personal challenge of concentration, body awareness, endurance and accuracy, but above all on mutual help and support. After the expert instruction, the participants can get started straight away: the teams compete together or against each other while shooting at the same time. Various possible challenges await: Shooting at the bare target, at balloons or apples, from different distances and at the end there is an exciting competition or, for example, the perfect synchronized shot!

Duration: from 1 hour / bookable from 3-60 people from 39.00 euros per person


At the end of the day:  be yourself -
Mindfulness seminar on the estate

After all the appointments, meetings and demands, after this everyday pressure, questions arise at the end of the day: 'Was that it? What was that exactly? And what was left?' The Estate and body psychotherapists Astrid & Mike Peacock offer participants the opportunity for a little time out to be aware of your thoughts, feelings and body at the end of the day. Small meditation instructions and mindfulness exercises support relaxation, team cohesion and self-awareness in the spirit of Jon Kabat-Zinn: "Every real answer requires a pause for breath."

Duration: approx. 1.5 hrs. / bookable from 6 participants / from 45.00 Euro per person/evening


Bow meets - making targeted decisions

The seminar offers leaders a time-out through arc work to regain steadiness and energy. It teaches how to take responsibility and make decisions in everyday life. With the bow, you escape the pressures of everyday life and gather new strength.

The interaction of bow, string, arrow and man is based on trust and letting go. The seminar promotes mindfulness and observation and helps to better understand one's own path and goals. Each arrow has its own target, and accepting this fact is a key point of the seminar.

Frank Schach leads archery seminars as a mediator, emphasizes mindfulness and lives by the motto: "Shoot a thousand arrows and each one will show you the path of the bow."

2 day seminar / bookable for 6 participants / from 293,- Euro per person (Accommodation/meals/room allowance: EUR 198,- single room, double room on request)


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The Landgut Stober is located in the Berlin area: approx. 30 minutes from Berlin Central Station (train) approx. 20 minutes west of the Berlin city limits (car). Located on the German avenue, you can reach Nauen/Groß Behnitz via the B5 (Heerstraße). Just follow the brown signs. Only 50 minutes drive from the Brandenburg Gate (car)

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