Salon Louise

Sustainable celebrations at the lake

Celebrate sustainably at the lake in Berlin Brandenburg

Celebrations in Salon Luise - 125 m²

The Salon Luise on the ground floor impresses with its minimalist beauty: the former calf stable has wooden floors, brick walls and vaulted ceilings, steel columns and windows, the latter with a view of the lake. A loudspeaker system with microphones and ventilation are installed in this saloon. There is an open space in front of the salon that can be furnished with pavilions, for example.

The Salon is named after Maria Josephine Luise Borsig, née Praschl (1809-1887), married since 1828 to Johann Carl Friedrich August Borsig, mother of August Julius Albert Borsig. Daughter of the Artist of St. Hedwig's Cathedral. Committed to taking care of all the injured from the March riots in 1848 and was rewarded by King Friedrich Wilhelm III. appointed one of five chapter ladies of the Louisenorden. She was buried next to her husband in the Dorotheenstadt Cemetery in Berlin-Mitte. Luise decreed in her will that a Luise Borsig Foundation should be set up with the purpose: "to grant support to employees in need from the interest on that capital"

  • Looking east, west, lake view
  • Ceiling height 3.40 m
  • Wireless Local Area Network
  • No blackout possible
  • Flooring made of wooden planks
  • PA, radio microphone
  • Barrier-free access
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