Virtual innovations at Landgut Stober

Hybrid conferences at the lake near Berlin


A new era of meetings: digital and hybrid

The Stober estate opens an exciting era for conferences that merges the boundaries between physical and virtual worlds. In this article we explore the exciting possibilities that digital meetings and hybrid events offer at Landgut Stober.

Virtual meeting rooms with historical flair

Despite the physical distance, participants can virtually immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere of the Stober estate. Virtual meeting rooms, inspired by historical elegance, provide the ideal setting for interactive discussions, presentations and workshops.


Live streaming of events

Experience events live from anywhere in the world. Landgut Stober offers high-quality live streaming to ensure that everyone, regardless of their location, can take part in inspiring lectures, panel discussions and presentations.

Interactive elements for participants

Encourage interaction between participants through innovative digital tools. From virtual networking opportunities to live chat functions, participants can actively participate and experience the sense of community of a physical meeting.


Virtual breaks in the Seegarten

You can also create moments of relaxation digitally. Virtual breaks in the picturesque lake garden of the Stober estate offer a welcome change to get some fresh air and refresh yourself for the next discussions.

Hybrid events for the future

Find out how hybrid events at Landgut Stober build a bridge between physical presence and virtual participation options. This innovative form allows participants to interact and learn from each other on site and online.


Customized digital conferences

Landgut Stober offers individual solutions for digital conferences that meet the specific requirements of your event. From technical equipment to online event planning, our team will support you in implementing your digital vision.

Contact us for your digital event!

Find out how Landgut Stober can make your digital conference or hybrid event a groundbreaking experience. Contact our team to find out more about our digital meeting rooms, technical capabilities and individual planning services.

Welcome a new era of meetings at Landgut Stober, where digital innovation and historical elegance go hand in hand. We look forward to making your vision of a digital event become a reality!

The Landgut Stober is located in the Berlin area: approx. 30 minutes from Berlin Central Station (train) approx. 20 minutes west of the Berlin city limits (car). Located on the German avenue, you can reach Nauen/Groß Behnitz via the B5 (Heerstraße). Just follow the brown signs. Only 50 minutes drive from the Brandenburg Gate (car)