Sustainable conferences in harmony with nature: environmentally friendly conferences in the Landgut Stober estate near Berlin

Environmentally friendly conferences near Berlin by the lake


Our commitment to sustainability

At Landgut Stober we attach great importance to environmental friendliness and sustainability. Discover how you can organize your conferences in harmony with nature and actively contribute to preserving our environment.

Think green, meet green

Choose our eco-friendly meeting rooms, equipped with the latest technology while using sustainable materials. From energy-efficient lighting to the use of recycled paper, we rely on green solutions.


Climate neutral events

Make your conference a climate-neutral event. Our experienced team will support you in selecting sustainable transportation options, calculating and offsetting CO2 emissions, and integrating environmentally friendly practices during the event.

Regional and seasonal catering

Enjoy delicious dishes made from regional and seasonal ingredients. Our cuisine relies on fresh products, environmentally friendly farming methods and short transport routes to minimize the ecological footprint.


Green meetings in the countryside

Move parts of your conference outside and take advantage of the nature of the Stober estate. Green meetings in the countryside not only promote creativity, but also offer the opportunity to connect with the natural environment.

Eco-friendly accommodation

Our overnight accommodations are not only comfortable, but also environmentally friendly. We rely on energy-saving technologies, resource-saving materials and responsible use of water and energy.


Nature experiences for teams

Incorporate environmentally friendly team activities into your meeting. From joint nature trips to environmentally conscious team building exercises, we offer you a variety of options that strengthen team spirit and respect nature.

Contact us for sustainable conferences!

Find out how Landgut Stober can help you organize environmentally friendly conferences. Contact our team to find out more about our sustainable event offerings, availability and green initiatives.

Together we create events that not only promote knowledge, but also make a positive contribution to our environment - at the Stober estate, where sustainability and closeness to nature are the focus. We look forward to planning and realizing your environmentally friendly conference!


The Landgut Stober is located in the Berlin area: approx. 30 minutes from Berlin Central Station (train) approx. 20 minutes west of the Berlin city limits (car). Located on the German avenue, you can reach Nauen/Groß Behnitz via the B5 (Heerstraße). Just follow the brown signs. Only 50 minutes drive from the Brandenburg Gate (car)