Doing good together in a climate-neutral and sustainable way: Creative conference location for non-profit organizations

Conference location for non-profit organizations near Berlin at a lake


A unique platform for charitable work

Landgut Stober opens its doors to non-profit organizations, associations, clubs and NGOs who are looking for an inspiring environment for their meetings, conferences and events. Our goal is to provide a supportive platform to further your mission.

Inspiring meeting rooms

Discover our modernly equipped conference rooms, surrounded by the tranquility of nature and historical charm. We offer tailored solutions to ensure your event meets the specific needs of your organization.


Budget-friendly options

We understand that resources for non-profit organizations are often limited. Therefore, we offer budget-friendly meeting packages that offer world-class facilities, food and services at affordable prices.

Networking and exchange of ideas

The Stober estate creates a unique environment in which representatives of different organizations can meet, network and exchange ideas. Take the opportunity to learn from others' experiences and develop synergies for joint projects.


Environmentally friendly events

For us, sustainability is our focus. Make your conference environmentally friendly and set an example for social and ecological responsibility together with us. We would be happy to support you in making your event sustainable and resource-saving.

Support with planning and implementation

Our dedicated team is at your side from the planning to the implementation of your event. We understand the unique needs of non-profit organizations and are here to ensure your meeting is a complete success.


Contact us for your non-profit conference!

Learn how Landgut Stober can make your event for non-profit organizations a meaningful one. Contact our team to find out more about our offers, availability and the unique atmosphere of the estate.

Together we create events that have a positive influence and help to do good in the world - at the Stober estate, where commitment and inspiration go hand in hand. We look forward to supporting your nonprofit conference and initiating positive change together!

The Landgut Stober is located in the Berlin area: approx. 30 minutes from Berlin Central Station (train) approx. 20 minutes west of the Berlin city limits (car). Located on the German avenue, you can reach Nauen/Groß Behnitz via the B5 (Heerstraße). Just follow the brown signs. Only 50 minutes drive from the Brandenburg Gate (car)