Conferences and meetings on agricultural topics
e.g. Agriculture 4.0 Smart Farming

Conference location for the agricultural industry Berlin area at a lake


Conference location Landgut Stober near Berlin
predestined for advice on trends in agriculture

Under the direction of Albert Borsig, the manor house, to which other buildings on the property were added, became an agricultural model estate on which agriculture was implemented on an industrial scale. In 1923 the farm had reached a size of 2,700 hectares, on which the forerunners of organic farming were already being practiced.

In total, the property consisted of the manor house, two distilleries, two tower houses used as farm buildings and a blacksmith shop with attached stables as well as a workers' house.

In 1933, Ernst von Borsig Jr. took over. the estate from his father and continued to run it until the end of the Second World War. Ernst  von Borsig jun. belonged to the Kreisau Circle during the war, which met several times on the property.

Agriculture is facing a digital transformation that is revolutionizing the industry and offering new opportunities for increasing efficiency, sustainability and productivity. At the Stober estate we offer conferences and seminars that deal with the latest developments in Agriculture 4.0 and the future trends of the agricultural industry.


Digitalization in agriculture

Learn how digital technologies such as sensor technology, drones, GPS systems and intelligent machines are transforming agriculture. We discuss innovative applications and show how farmers can benefit from these technologies to make their operations more efficient and sustainable.

Precision Farming and Smart Farming

Discover the possibilities of precision farming and smart farming, which use data analytics, big data and artificial intelligence to make real-time decisions and make optimal use of resources. We highlight best practices and case studies that show how these approaches can increase yields while protecting the environment.

Sustainable Agriculture 4.0

Learn how digitalization can help improve sustainability in agriculture. We present innovative concepts that enable farmers to use resources such as water and fertilizer more efficiently, reduce the use of pesticides and promote biodiversity.


Challenges and opportunities

Discuss the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation in agriculture with experts and practitioners. We examine topics such as data protection, data security, infrastructure and the use of new technologies in order to offer a holistic insight into the digital future of the agricultural industry.

Practical applications

Experience practical demonstrations and case studies that show how digital technologies are already being used in agriculture today. We offer you the opportunity to experience innovative solutions live and learn from the experiences of other farmers.


Shaping the future

Be part of the digital change in agriculture and actively shape the future of the agricultural industry. Our conferences and seminars offer you the knowledge and inspiration you need to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalization in agriculture and make your businesses fit for the future.

The Landgut Stober is located in the Berlin area: approx. 30 minutes from Berlin Central Station (train) approx. 20 minutes west of the Berlin city limits (car). Located on the German avenue, you can reach Nauen/Groß Behnitz via the B5 (Heerstraße). Just follow the brown signs. Only 50 minutes drive from the Brandenburg Gate (car)