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Academy for mindful action on the Stober estate

"There is no meaning in life, but meaning in life", in one's own life.

The academy idea on the Stober estate has been virulent for more than ten years. Initially intended as a mindfulness academy for junior executives and burn-out managers under university leadership, the direction expanded to include "mindfulness" and also the healing power of music, finally culminating in the academy for mindful action on the Stober estate.

It's an inspiring, authentic place with history and a positive spirit. A place that invigorates the senses. The park by the lake, old trees, 300 pairs of swallows, nature to breathe deeply meets people with inner and outer stress.

The academy offers offers for people. For people who are searching, who doubt, who sometimes despair, for lovers and for those who are not yet in love. For the lonely, the hearing and the deaf, the seeing and the blind, the feeling. Easy for everyone who is on the way. And that in a place that stands for respect for everyone, for the recognition of the dignity of every life or way of life, for solidarity and empathy of every individual...

There is not the meaning of life, but the meaning in life, says Viktor Frankl rightly. Everyone is responsible for the meaning of their life. But the path is sometimes blocked or we don't see it and that's exactly where the academy comes in with its offers

No matter how bad or how good we are, every morning the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. And in spring everything grows and thrives, in autumn it loses its leaves and in spring it begins again - and not because we humans are there, but despite it. By becoming aware of such things, dignity, respect, humility, empathy, and awareness return to us, and we feel genuine happiness, love, and well-being. We support and accompany this with our offers at the academy: from people for people, for private individuals to companies.

"We are just visitors on this planet. We may not have been here more than 90 or 100 years. During this time we should do something good and useful. If we contribute to the happiness of others, then we have recognized the meaning of life." Dalai Lama

Seminar overview 2023


16. - 20.02.    |    Maturing through crises - integral perspectives for difficult times    |    by Rainer Votsmeier together with Margit Stegmaier

17. - 22.03.    |    Know yourself - seminar for personal development    |    by Rainer Votsmeier together with Margit Stegmaier

25. - 26.04.    |    Empathy & self-(leadership)    |    by Astrid Peacock

03. - 05.05.    |    "Power of silence" - free meditation weekend    |    by Nabhomani Kisten

00. - 00.00.    |    Live mindfully for your grandchildren    |    Thomas Uloth

more to follow

Presentation of the coaches and seminars

Know yourself - seminar for personal development

Know thyself - is a much-quoted inscription on the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. The visitor was supposed to solve his problems and questions by coming to terms with his inner personality. The realization of one's inner life served to solve problems with the outer world. Know yourself - because it is not conformity to external norms that counts, but only the inner attitude that guides your own actions. We humans are only free when we explore ourselves... more info

For whom? Interested parties from one or more companies. From four to twelve people. It is aimed at people who want to consciously work on their own development in a group. The seminar lasts 4.5 days. The seminar is led by Rainer Votsmeier together with Margit Stegmaier.

17. - 22.03.2024 | Seminar fee: follows | Accommodation/board/room flat rate: follows in a single room (double room on request)

Rainer Votsmeier

He has been combining mindfulness and business in his own work for over 25 years - as a managing director, project manager, seminar leader and coach. Rainer researches the boundary between the conscious and unconscious or subconscious.

Empathy & self-(leadership)

Being empathetic AND taking the lead can be seen as a contradiction in terms - we would like to show you that both are equally possible, even desirable... more info

For whom? Whether privately interested, interested from one or various companies. From six to twelve people. Mindfulness-oriented experiments and self-exploration with playful exercises in a friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere in pairs or small groups bring you into direct contact with your unconscious parts, you learn to stay present in the midst of your experience.

25. - 26.04.2024 | Seminar fee: follows | Accommodation/board/room flat rate: follows in a single room (double room on request)

Astrid Peacock

ist body psychotherapist (Hakomi Institute of Europe) and alternative practitioner for psychotherapy with further training in trauma and couple therapy.

"Power of silence" - free meditation weekend

In this seminar, we work together to further develop your own life. Through various mindfulness and meditation exercises, you can calm, sort and deepen your thoughts. We support you in independently rediscovering your own inner strength in your life. Various effects can be achieved here: You can gradually build this up in your daily life; find confidence, inner peace and your own potential; take away the basic feeling of connectedness and security; make contact with your deep inner ... more info

For whom? Whether privately interested, interested from one or different companies. From six to twelve people.

03. - 05.05.2024 | Seminar fee: none | Accommodation/board/room flat rate: follows in a single room (double room on request)

Nabhomani Kisten

came into this world in 1956. Since childhood he longed for harmony and peace. From 1979 he lived alone for five years with meditation and prayer to discover the deeper truth within himself.

Live mindfully for your grandchildren - become aware of the ecological footprint

Climate change, species extinction and growing social inequality describe the social challenges of our time. We don't want to let all this happen to us without doing anything. What can we do specifically to increase our resilience to these challenges? In the "Grandchild-friendly living" workshop, participants can work together on questions that arise. They are guided by the seminar leader in a creative process to develop solutions. It is important to get into action, regardless of whether it is a very small or even a large project. Everyone gains motivation from the ideas of the other seminar participants. In this way, they gain many ideas for their own projects and tips for practical application. The aim is for participants to support each other in implementing their plans for more grandchild-friendly living or even to form networks ... more info

For whom? Privately interested, from twelve to twenty-four people.

Seminar fee: follows | Accommodation/board/room flat rate: follows in a single room (double room on request)

Thomas Uloth

is a trained seminar leader for the "Enkeltauglich Leben" seminar and an experienced consultant for sustainability strategy development. In this way, he wants to encourage private individuals to constructively face the challenges of the times and thus build resilience.

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